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Every Durex condom is electronically tested to ensure it meets the standards. A random sample of condoms is also taken from each batch for more rigorous quality tests. After measuring thickness and length, samples go through an air inflation test to check for burst strength and elasticity (typically a Durex condom can hold 40 litres of air without bursting). Water leak testing is also carried out - sample condoms are filled with water, suspended for one minute and rolled on blotting paper which would show any leakage. Approximately two million water tests are carried out every month in Durex factories. If the sample fails any of the tests, the whole batch is rejected.

Durex condoms set the quality standard around the world, by meeting or exceeding all national and international standards. We have even upgraded the requirements for the Durex Quality symbol to make sure we continue to stay ahead of regulatory standards. Here’s an example: The international standard for the air burst test is for the condom to contain 18 litres of air. But our requirement is for 22 litres - and typically a Durex condom will expand to contain 40 litres of air.

No. The thickness of the condom doesn't necessarily correspond to safety.

There has been no research into the performance of condoms when they are used in or under water. The risk of slippage, for example, might increase when used in such circumstances. Though the salt in seawater would not have adverse effects on condom materials, there is a strong possibility that the chemicals used in swimming pools (chlorine and ozone, for example) would. The presence of bath oils or other substances in the water or applied in the shower may also have an adverse effect on the properties of the latex condom material. 

Due to the length of time it takes to research product information, we only provide lot number details to law enforcement agencies. However, we can give you some general information.

Durex foils and cartons are stamped with the lot number and expiration date as they come out of the manufacturing facility and are packaged for shipping. The expiration date represents the length of time the product is able to perform as indicated on the labelling based on scientific stability data. With some exceptions, Durex condoms normally have a shelf life of 5 years.

Always check the expiration date printed on the foil before using a condom.

For too long, lubes have been associated with women with vaginal dryness. But, there’s a growing trend for people to use lube simply to make sex better. Lubes can be used to enhance sensations, add a bit of fun or just top up natural levels of lubrication. Durex Play lubes have been specially designed to enhance your sexual experience!

No. There are lots of reasons why a woman might experience dryness including stress, after having a baby, using tampons, and changes in hormone levels.

Yes - Durex lubricants are water-based, so all are suitable to use with Durex condoms.

Everywhere and anywhere. Durex Play lubes are suitable to use all over the body and are suitable to consume. 

Many people find using lube with a massager a real revelation.

It lets the massager glide over the body - easily giving a more intense feeling.

All of the Durex Play lubes are suitable to use with all types of massagers and wash off easily with water.

There are really no rules here. The best thing to do is just relax, enjoy and experiment. But, when you’re trying it for the first time, simply squeeze a little lube onto your fingertips and gently apply to your intimate areas. Lube can be used with or without a condom, either when it is already on or before. Take care not to use too much before you put the condom on, otherwise it may slip off during sex. You can always apply more if you need it.