There isn’t one type of condom that suits everyone; we’re all built differently and have our own likes and dislikes, which is why it’s good to experiment until you find a condom that’s right for you both. Just like smooth condoms, condoms with ribs, dots and other textures protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancies, but they also offer additional stimulation, which you may find extra enjoyable and fun. Trying out lots of different types, including ribbed condoms, dotted condoms or both ribbed and dotted condoms, will help you to suss-out the style that gives you both the most pleasure. 

What is a ribbed condom?

Ribbed condoms have little raised ridges running around them, which have been strategically placed to boost sensation as you get it on. When you use a ribbed condom, the ridged texture can increase the friction, intensifying the feelings for both of you. 

What is a dotted condom?

Dotted condoms feature raised dots on the outside of the latex to increase those feel-good sensations exactly where you want them.

Durex Pleasuremax condoms and Durex Mutual Climax condoms have both ribs and dots and are designed to add extra friction and stimulation to your session.

Why use a textured condom?

Wearing a condom helps you both to relax and stay in the moment, because you’re not worrying about the consequences. Choosing to go for textured condoms can enhance sexual pleasure, which as well as feeling great, can give you both a confidence boost between the sheets – think of them as a little secret weapon to keep on hand for date night.

Experimenting with different types of condoms shakes things up and can bring extra fun to your encounters, because everyone likes trying new things, right? For even more variety, all our lubes and pleasure gels can be used with ribbed and dotted condoms, too. 

Whether you prefer smooth condoms or ribbed and dotted condoms, you’re going to have fun finding out what works best for you both. It’s all about having fun exploring and discovering what turns you on.

Still unsure of what condom to buy? Use the [Durex Find Your Best Fit] tool to help find the right fit for you.