Believe it or not, condoms are not just about safety, choose the right one and you may find sex with your partner even more enjoyable. Essentially, not only does using a condom give you peace of mind, but it can also introduce a whole new world of sensations to the bedroom.

Condoms can be used as part of foreplay, they can be used for oral and anal, and they can even be used for masturbation. With this in mind, it’s important to know your way around the condom drawer. Not only do you need to know the right size for you, you need to be aware of things like texture and lubrication.

This is where our handy condom navigators come in. Our condom navigator icons will guide your way to finding the condom that is perfect for you, because when it fits right, it feels right. So, whether you are shopping online or in-store, you will always be able to find the condom that fits just as you need it to.

Why should i wear a condom?

Condoms are the ultimate safe sex essential. Historically, a wide range of materials have been used as contraception, ranging from pigskin to soaked linen. Condoms, as we know today, are vastly evolved from these early materials and methods.

In today’s age, not only do condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancy, but they can also help prevent many sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, and can even reduce the risk of some types of cancer. For example, cervical cancer is caused by sexually acquired infection with certain types of Human papillomavirus (HPV).

More than that, condoms can now bring a sense of fun and variety into the bedroom. With so many flavours, textures and types to choose from, there really is a condom out there for everyone, you just have to find the one the suits you.

What are the different types of condom?

So, what are the different types of condom? The most common types include:

  • Latex condoms
  • Textured condoms
  • Flavoured condoms
  • Lubricated condoms
  • Latex-free condoms

Latex condoms

Latex is the most common material used for condoms. It’s stretchy, durable and waterproof. Most condoms are made from natural rubber latex, which is the type of latex that can cause allergic reactions. You can shop our range of latex condoms online or in-store.

Textured condoms

Textured condoms often include a variation of textures on the condom itself to encourage extra stimulation when used with a partner. Our Durex Pleasuremax, for example, offers carefully positioned, raised ribs and dots, engineered specifically to help intensify sensation during sex.

Flavoured condoms

Flavoured condoms offer you the chance to add a little sweetness to the bedroom. If you’re a fan of strawberry, for example, durex strawberry condoms can add a whole new dimension to your sex life.

Lubricated condoms

Most condoms come pre-lubricated, meaning that as soon as you open your condom pack, it’s ready to be used. Some condoms, however, come with extra lubrication to make the ride even smoother.

Latex-free condoms

For those who do suffer from a latex allergy, or prefer a different feel, there are a number of latex-free alternatives out there designed to help remove the risk of triggering your latex allergy.

Durex Real Feel condoms are made of a technologically advanced non-latex material, polyisoprene. Essentially, you get the same smooth feeling as latex condoms with less chance of the drama.

How wide is the condom?

Sure, you may have decided what type of condom to buy, but there is so much more to consider. Wondering which condom is perfect for you? Choosing a condom has never been easier with our condom navigators. Our ‘How Wide’ navigator, for example, tells you what you need to know about a condom’s width.

Simply look for the signature circle icon on any of our condom packs to guide your way and help you avoid buying a condom that is too tight or too baggy again.

Want to know more. Let’s break down our ‘How Wide’ condom navigator into its different sizes:


  • Standard. Our standard width condoms come in it at 52mm nominal width and are perfect for a close fit.
  • Large. Durex large width condoms come in at 53-56mm nominal width.
  • XL. Looking for something even wider? Our XL width condoms are where you need to be. Boasting a nominal width of 57mm. 

How thin is the condom?

You’ve got the width, now you need to know how thin you want your condom to be. This is where our ‘How Thin’ navigator comes in. Broken down into 4 sizes, you can find this handy navigator on our packs to help you make the right choice.

Want that feeling of closeness during sex? Maybe you should be looking at an extra thin condom. Maybe you find yourself a little overly sensitive when it comes to all things under the duvet? Then a thicker condom might be just what you need.

Want to know more, let’s look at our ‘How Thin’ navigator in a little more detail:


  • Extra thin. Our extra thin condoms are great for those who want to feel that extra bit of closeness during sex. 
  • Thin. Discover the world of thin condoms with our thin condom collection, providing safety and closeness without compromising on feel.
  • Standard. Our standard condom thickness range has plenty to offer.
  • Extra safe. Made with thicker latex, our Extra Safe condoms offer peace of mind without compromising on pleasure.

How smooth is the condom?

You’ve got the width, you know your thickness, now you need to consider how smooth your condom needs to be. What do we mean when we talk about condom smoothness? We are essentially looking at how lubricated the condom is.

All our condoms come pre-lubricated but not all condoms are born equal – some are more lubricated than others. If you’re looking for a little extra lubrication on your condom, then our ‘How Smooth’ navigator is what you need to look for.

Let’s take a closer look at our ‘How Smooth’ navigator and what to look for when shopping our condom collection:


  • Standard lubrication. All our condoms come pre-lubricated, meaning they are ready to use as soon as you open the pack.
  • Extra lubricated. Looking for a little extra? Keep an eye out for the extra lubricated icon for a condom that will come a little extra prepared. 

Choose the condom that is right for you!

Different condoms can completely transform your sexual experience; for intense sex, for creating additional sensations, for allowing you to feel comfortable and free, or for providing new experiences to bring you closer together as a couple.

For the energetic

Whether you feel like going all night – or you prefer short and intense sex – you might feel that you need a little bit of extra security. Durex Extra Safe are slightly thicker than standard condoms – though still less than a tenth of a millimetre thick.

For the Intimate

For a feeling of deep connection and real intense contact, a thinner condom can make all the difference. Durex Fetherlite, Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive to name a few, are thin to help you feel every movement, every twitch and every sensation.

For the stimulated

Ribbed condoms can add intensity as the dots and ribs stimulate areas in new and exciting ways. The different texture provided by these condoms can feel as exciting as a sex toy. Check out our Durex Pleasuremax condoms for a little inspiration.