Durex Play Ultra

Durex Play Touch intimate massager provides sensual, sexual pleasure at your finger tips.

Product Features

  • Durex Toy Play Touch provides up to 30 minutes of soft, sensual pleasure
  • Durex Play Ultra is Waterproof
  • Play Touch is quiet and reusable.
  • Batteries are included.

Product Description

Through light stroking on your erogenous areas, the soft and flexible materials teases and stimulates, encouraging you to go even further. Experiment with what turns you on most; applying as hard or softly as you desire.

1. Peel Off the blister of the package
2. Take the toy out of the package
3. Place it on your finger
4. Turn on the vibrations by tapping the Durex Button
5. Now, start massaging

This device is not a contraceptive