What is Playtime?

Learn to explore and enjoy your own body. Find ways to indulge your desires and fantasies. Even discover new techniques and sex positions.

You’ll find all this and more in your tailored four-week programme – designed by our sex expert, Emily Dubberley.

Meet Emily


Playtime is endorsed by sex writer, Emily Dubberley.

With a wealth of experience researching and writing about sex, love and relationships, her intimate knowledge has helped tailor this guide to satisfy your individual desires.

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Take control.. both of you

Taking control isn’t just a physical thing. It’s about playing by your rules and on your terms. And sex is no different. Finding the right balance means you’ll both get a kick out of sex, enjoy it more. And want it more.

So mix it up this week. Grab the reins and show your partner who’s boss. Then step off the gas and enjoy being taken for a ride.

    Emily's Tip:

    Swap a list of 5 things you’d like to do more of in sex.

    Emily's Tip:

    Pick an unusual time of day to have sex: the choice should be made by the less dominant partner.


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    Emily's Tip:

    The woman should pick three erotic rules for the day.

    Emily's Tip:

    The man should pick three erotic rules for the day.


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    Emily's Tip:

    Pick an outfit for your lover to wear in the bedroom that makes them look sexy.

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